NCI Works Industry Briefs and Podcasts Available through Website

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NCI Works has made available to the public a series of Industry Briefs outlining the educational and work requirements needed for occupations in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agribusiness, and Hospitality and Tourism. These briefs also list the top ten companies with each industry and the occupations’ outlook in terms of openings and wages. In addition, a series of podcasts, titled Getting to Work, are also available. While some of these podcasts further highlight the occupations contained in the Industry Briefs, others pertain to getting ready to find employment, interviewing, and how to look for public sector opportunities within the State of Illinois. Getting to Works podcasts can also be found through your favorite podcast app. With 2,200 downloads, these podcast contain a wealth of information for area job seekers and students. Find out more about the NCI Works Industry Briefs and podcasts at

Contact: Dianna Schuler

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