State of the Workforce Community Forums

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Northwest Central Illinois Works (NCI Works) commissioned an extensive study of its local area through a community audit for the propose of providing an overall picture of the structure and composition of our eight-county economy including the region's assets and opportunities, as well as the educational, economic and workforce issues that need to be addressed to assure the region's continued growth.  Findings from the community audit and an accompanying Underemployed Survey were combined into a comprehensive State of the Workforce Report.

The Report is now completed and we are ready to present the key points, implications, challenges and issues identified in this report at three public forums.  All presentations will cover findings of the 8-county area as a whole and then focus on specifics related to the counties located in the geographic area of the forum site.  Details of these events are listed on the Invitation below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pam Furlan at 815-224-0375.

State of the Workforce Community Forum Invitation

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